Our center is located in the International Research Building, 9th Floor, Kaohsiung Medical University.The laboratory is among 145 m2 and equipped with number of instruments and equipments required for biological experiments. For large-scale experimental, the school is also open to all kinds of instruments for borrowing. For cell experiments, our center prepared the exclusive cell culture room for rigorous cell experiments. For the experimental data analysis and computer simulation aspect, our center also prepared computers equipped with high-performance computing display card for analysis and computation.


Our center offers a variety of precision instruments for the biological experiments.

Applied Biosystems 2720 Thermal Cycler                       Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO        

PCR     ELISA    

UVP BioDoc-It® Imaging Systems                        BLItz System by Pall Life Sciences

UVP                        Bliz


Large instruments

The schools also provide comprehensive large-scale public instrument for biological experiments.

Instrument :

Real Time PCR Automated gene expression system Live cell observation instrument Automated mechanical arm
Automated nucleic acid sequencing instrument fluorescent image processing system Pyrophosphate sequencing instrument

Link: http://www.kmuh.org.tw/www/clireser/yiqishebei/guoyandalou-guiyizhongxin.html

Cell culture room

Our center is equipped with the exclusive cell culture room for cell experiments.

 IT equipment

Our center also have three computers with a high-performance computing and displaying operational organization for data analysis and computation.


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