The Aim of Center


The aim of Drug Development and Value Creation Research Center is to integrate basic research teams and clinical resources, to continue the achievements of Center for Biomarkers and Biotech Drugs (new biomarker development), combined with the teams, including protein drug research and development, natural medicine and plant drug database extraction, small molecular drug screening, artificial intelligence (AI) drug structure simulation, chemical derivative synthesis, pharmaceutical formulation and optimization and clinical consultant to discover the potential biomarkers (macromolecules, small molecules, natural medicines ...) for clinical application. This center will continue to promote mature research achievements, such as: universal antibody lock technology, bispecific antibody platform, application of avocado extract in antiviral drugs, development of target drugs for pleural membrane transfer, and new applications of old drugs for development of breast cancer therapy, big data calculations for the improvement of medical quality, etc.) Through the assistance of the Office for Operation of Industry and University Cooperation and the Drug Commercialization Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, we will keep promoting these achievements into industry. At the same time, in order to cultivate the core team and innovative technology in the next stage, the center members will actively develop innovative research ideas (such as: solving emerging infectious diseases, using drug banks to quickly develop edible drugs to treat rare diseases, etc.). In addition, we will actively strive for integrated projects (National Health Research Institutes, Academia Sinica, Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.) to improve the effectiveness of industry-academia cooperation and patent technology transfer for the center and the Kaohsiung Medical University. And by holding seminars and conferences to enhance academic interaction, provide students with special research and organize technical training and education courses, cultivate scientific talents, and establish relevant features of biotechnology drug development by linking bachelor classes and research institutes of various departments of the school Deep cultivation courses (such as biotechnology new drugs and creation), instill the basic knowledge and industrial experience of biotechnology drug development, and cultivate professionals for the development of large molecule and small molecule biotechnology drugs. Through the complete integration of the basic to clinical researchers, and horizontal cooperation with the other research centers to provide complementary ideas and technical support, uphold the research attitude of resource and achievement sharing, and continue to introduce new drugs related to various diseases. , And actively engage in parallel integration and development of foreign cooperation, We believe that we can continue to translate the R & D achievements of the center to industry and clinical, help clinical patients get better treatment and life, and will also allow the center to move towards international top research among the development centers.

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