The plateform on going: To develop therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies

The plateform under construction: 1. To develop therapeutic and diagnostic gene; 2. To develop fully human diagnostic and therapeutic antibody for cancer, infection disease and autoimmune disease by the immortalized B lymphocytes platform.



We integrate five designs for the purpose of generating high quality therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. (1) We generate neutralizing antibody by isolating the hybridoma. (2) Humanize antibodies by a computer aided antibody engineering which could developed as a therapeutic drug (3) Optimize antibody affinity by evaluating the energy and number of hydrogen bond variantsin antibody structures. (4) Reducing the side effect of antibody by a hinge lock. (5) Creating high affinity neutralized human antibodies by isolating human antibody from Tumor-infiltrating B lymphocytes. The platform would provide a more efficient, rapid and precise methods for develop therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies.

Contact person: Yang-Chin Hsieh  


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